Machine Vision (MV), is the deployement of advanced image and video processing technicques onto production lines and robotics, in an aim to provide automated inspection and robot guidance.

Advanced manufacturers around the world deploy MV systems to maintain market competitiveness, benefeting from productivity enhancement, real-time response, and brand reputation security that MV directly provides.

Expert service providers, like ‘itX‘, design and deploy MV systems in a manner that complies with local and global regulations. Conforming to GMP for instance within the system design, and validiation & verification ensures that safety critical product manufacturers are on the safe side.

itX‘ leverages on its posession of the techinical expertise, and on its strategic partnerships with global technology providers in the field, ensuring that only top quality systems are deployed on the production floors.

After sales service is a key to keeping a healthy eye on your quality. ‘itX‘ is close enough to ensure real-time support is avaiable whenever you need it.